Music Theory Lessons

As well as providing ongoing theory tuition for students studying piano and drums, I also teach dedicated music theory lessons from my music room in Huddersfield, Kirklees. These can be anything from thirty minutes to an hour and a half in duration and can cover any aspect of music theory the student may require. From help with getting to grips with recognising note values right through to degree level harmonic analysis, anything can be covered. As with the practical tuition, lessons are tailored to suit the individual student.

I offer all the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music theory grades, as well as help with school music homework and music GCSE and A/S and A2 studies. Please note that it is a requirement to gain Grade 5 theory before a student can proceed to the advanced practical grades (6 or above).

If you would like to take more practical music lessons then read more about the piano lessons and drumming lessons that I offer throughout the Huddersfield, Halifax and Kirklees areas.


Music GCSE, A/S and A2

I can also provide help with GCSE, A/S and A2 music for those that require extra help outside school or college. Any aspect of the course can be covered including performance, composition, melodic/harmonic analysis and listening skills. Lessons can be tailored to concentrate on any area the student requires further practice, as well as offering help with practical performance. I can also accompany you if you require for your exams.

A/S and A2 lessons are offered once we have discussed your concerns and decided on which particular areas need to be addressed.


Grade Five Theory Courses  -  FastTrak* and Guaranteed Pass*

There was a time when only a few students either had the interest or need for passing ABRSM Grade 5 Theory. These days though, you require ABRSM Grade 5 for a number of possible reasons. If you wish to take a practical Grade 6 exam or higher, on any instrument, Grade 5 Theory is an entry requirement. Or for those intent on studying music or music technology either at college or university, Grade 5 Theory is pretty much an essential element. Over the years I have been asked to tutor for Grade 5 Theory many times and with this in mind I have come up with various options for students, dependent on what knowledge you already have.

If you have already taken Grades 1-4 Theory (or have covered much of the syllabus already), it is a relatively simple matter to continue with Grade 5. Traditionally, this can take anything up to a year or so to complete, but can be done much quicker if the student so wishes, either taking advantage of one of my courses (see below) or by paying for tuition as you go along.

For those with just a little basic knowledge of theory, I can offer several options, including dedicated, pre-paid courses (FastTrak Theory) designed to achieve a Grade 5 Theory pass in just a few weeks*! FastTrak* courses start from £199** plus exam fee.

I can also offer a 'Guaranteed Pass Course* for those with some prior knowledge of theory. This is a fixed price course and if you don't pass, you receive free tuition until you do!* Guaranteed Pass Courses start from £299** plus exam fee. 

The above prices are based on the student taking the ABRSM theory exam. All other theory exam courses are available at my standard rates.

If you are in no particular rush to acheive your Grade 5 pass, you may of course just take music lessons as and when you wish in the normal way. The above courses are designed to help speed the process up for those that need it!

Whatever your music theory requirements I can help! Just call me, I'm happy to chat and advise on the best course of action.

* denotes terms and conditions apply. Please see below/enquire for full details

** FastTrak and Guaranteed Pass Courses must be pre-paid in advance. The course will have a certain number of hours tuition, based on an assessment of the student's knowledge at the commencement of the course. Some students will require more hours than others and the above fees are the MINIMUM fee for the shortest available course. Please note that students with no prior knowledge of theory, or with limited knowledge will require a longer course and this will be at increased cost, to be discussed before any tuition commences.

Music Lesson Prices

The costs for music theory lessons in my dedicated music room at Huddersfield are:-

Up to Grade 5 (Inclusive)

£13 for 30 mins, £20 for 45 mins, or £25 for a 60 min music lesson.

Grade 6+

£25 for 45 mins, £30 for 60 mins, or £40 for a 90 min music lesson.

If you prefer I can travel to your location providing it is within a 20 mile radius of Huddersfield. I charge £0.50 per mile travel costs and a minimum 1 hour lesson (* subject to my availability and before 3pm only). For a music theory lesson at a venue of your choice please contact me in the first instance.

J Burr

I have been studying piano, keyboard and composition with Ian for around seven years now. The lessons are enjoyable and informative and my musical knowledge and interests have really grown as the years have passed. I would thoroughly recommend musical studies with Ian to any age or ability.

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