For those interested in drum lessons in the Huddersfield and Kirklees area then you are in for a treat! There is nothing more fun than sitting down and playing along with your favourite rock/pop/jazz song! 

Drum lessons take place using the latest Roland TD 15KV kit, which has a choice of over fifty different kits to suit every style of music. The kit has incredibly realistic sounds and feel with tension-able heads and plays in exactly the same way as an acoustic drum kit.  Drumming lessons take place in my dedicated music room at my home in Huddersfield, Kirklees.

I often receive enquiries from adults that have either played drums in the past, or those that have always wanted to play but feel apprehensive about starting. Generally the concern is 'am I too old?', or even 'I am too old!' This is simply not the case. Adult students often learn more quickly than children and are always very welcome.

Graded exams are available for all ages, from the Debut Grade for new players, right up to Grade 8 and beyond for the more experienced drummer. I use the excellent Rockschool syllabus for drums, which carry full accreditation and give you the opportunity to play along with many different styles of music. Please note that exams are optional. I never pressurise students into taking exams if they do no wish to do so.

Lessons are tailored to the individual, and will cover things such as posture/how to sit, technique, reading music, musicianship and musical interpretation.

To compliment your journey into music you might also be interested to know that I also offer piano lessons in the Huddersfield, Halifax and Kirklees area.  If you are more into the theory of music then why not read more about my music theory lessons.


My Roland Drum Kit

roland td-15kv drum kit

Drum Lesson Costs

The costs for drumming lessons at my music room in Huddersfield are £13 for 30 mins£20 for 45 mins, or £25 for a 60 min drum lesson.

If you prefer, and if you have your own drum kit, I can potentially travel to your location providing it is within a 20 mile radius of Huddersfield. I charge £0.50 per mile, and a minimum 1 hour lesson (* subject to my availability and before 3pm only). For drum lessons at your location please contact me in the first instance.

Book a Drum Lesson

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All drumming lessons booked online are subject to my availability and will be confirmed by phone or email if accepted.

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Stephen Garside

I have been learning piano and drums with Ian for over 3 years now. When I first joined him the only experience of music I had was at senior school many years ago now. Ian immediately made me feel at ease and has allowed me to develop at my own pace playing the music that interests me. Have no hesitation in recommending Ian as a piano tutor in the Huddersfield and Halifax area.


Jonathan Burr

I've played drums with Ian now for over 10 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey! From a complete beginner to playing in various bands professionally has been a fantastic experience I never believed I'd achieve. If you're looking to play for pleasure or more seriously, I'd heartily recommend Ian in the Huddersfield area.

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Music Student Safety

I take the safety of my students seriously at all times. Read more about my approach and full enhanced disclosure certificate.